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Dedicated to architecture since 1996, Architect Vitor Múrias (Lisbon, 1976), founded the office in the city of Faro in 2016, where he develops architectural and consulting projects. He began his studies at Universidade Lusíada in Lisbon, later completing his degree in 2006 at ISMAT in Portimão. During training, there was a balance between study and professional experience, with internships and collaborations in various architectural, engineering and construction firms. edicated to architecture since 1996, Architect Vitor Múrias (Lisbon, 1976), founded the office in the city of Faro in 2016, where he develops architectural and consulting projects.

In a sustainable way, its ambition is to create places and spaces that exceed customer expectations, combining dedication, commitment, integrity and competence in the communion of the entire process that characterizes Architecture, in the development of simple and meaningful processes.

Aware of the contribution of architecture to human, social and cultural development. It is imperative to reduce the ecological footprint in construction, integrating with harmony and sustainability the architectural set in the territory, adding the value of art to its function. Contemplating in its performance the technical and aesthetic factors, from the architectural study, passing through the conciliation with engineering, until the work is completed.

Villa Serrão, 2019/20

Architectural and consulting firm

The solid experience and knowledge acquired over the years by the architect Vitor Múrias have expanded his portfolio, in the diversity of projects. Collaboration with specialized teams and versatility allows our team to create efficient and sustainable programs for each project.

The team provides a wide range of services, offering quality, diversity and innovation according to the challenges.

Our projects focus on the human figure, placing comfort, functionality and aesthetics at the center of the proposals, increasing the efficiency of the project. Aware of the impact of architecture on society, in the formalization of environments we incorporate bioclimatic and environmental sustainability principles.

We have the ability to ensure coordination between the client and the various technical specialties involved, including in the construction phase, guaranteeing quality, cost and time.

Our projects are developed using the latest technologies, with 3D visualization combined with the BIM process, which guarantees greater technical rigor. Each project is unique, but the methodologies remain the same, whether it is the ordering of a house, a commercial space or a public building, we seek to obtain the essential form, convinced that we have reached expectations.

Some of our referral partners, in addition to individual customers:

Grupo Gymnasium, Serviplaco, Oasis, Frentágua, HortoVitorino, Tratorega, Clamy, João Martins - construção civil, Miraminio – alumínios, Paulo Pais Unipessoal, Sistemplaco;

Villa Belmonte, 2019


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